Friday, 30 August 2013

Monthly Memories | August.

1. Meeting my little cousin, Grayson, for the first time, who came all the way from Perth to visit.
2. Aunty Rowena, Aunti Ash yGraysons mother), Myself and Ma. Saying goodbye to Ro, as she moves to Holland and Ash, who returns home to Perth. I hate the distance!
3. Daffodils - my favourite flower.
4. An extremely delicious caramel slice I made - with no sugar or dairy! It was a hit.
5. Goodbye to Benn's HQ Holden Kingswood.
6. Hello to our new four-wheeled drive! I am in love. We have never had a car this "fancy" and we feel so blessed!
7. Our first four-wheeled drive experience, only 20minutes from home. How I love where I live!
8. Four-wheeled drive selfies. 

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