Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Start, New Blog.

 I have decided to start a new blog to record our lives. I have had a blog in the past, however it was a "personal" blog, so I hope to start this one as we journey of our lives as a married couple, starting on the road to making a family.

To introduce myself, my name is Neive and I am a 23 year old living on the Central Coast, in NSW Australia with my husband, Benn, and our 3 staffty babies, Chloe (Female, 4), Petal & Stallone (Female and Male, 18months). We have been together since March 2009 and married since January 2013.

Life is full of ups and downs and I love keeping a record of things I have to do (I am obsessed with to-do lists) and things I have done (I love looking back). Over the next few weeks I will try and find the time (in-between my many university assignments) to create an "about us" page and add a few links to my page. It will be a perfect excuse to procrastinate, which I am very good at.