Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Seven.

We welcomed 2014 with a small BBQ with friends at home, played uno for hours and
then Benn taught me how to play poker. It wasn't anything flashy, but it was perfect just for us.

Okay, so I have already failed at one of my goals - yoga. I am so bad with exercise (is it that obvious) so I really got to pick up my game this week!!!

Our kitten, Ember, has started suckling Petals tears.. 
Yep it is as weird as it sounds and I will have to post a photo!

I finally got my hands on some T2! My brother sent some to me for Christmas and 
it was a three stack of green teas. They are so lovely and I can't wait to try more!!

We have been watching "The Mentalist" like mad this week. Finished a whole season in 3 days, 
we are almost caught up to what they are playing on TV it is such a great show I highly recommend!

Our date was so cute last Sunday. Home cooked meal with candles and we actually 
ate at the table for once too (we are naughty tv eaters). It gave a nice feel to the week and 
I love our weekly dates. Although today's is moved until tomorrow as we are going on a 
"movie date" for the first time in about 3 years! Bring on that popcorn.

We have really been indulging in being lazy this week (see number five) and our domestic 
duties have been put on a back burner. Meaning we have a mountain of clothes on the spare
 bed and there are now more then 3 junk piles developing of our stuff that needs to be sorted. 
Time for a new year clean this week!! 

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