Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Seven.

I finally got around to signing up to our local library and borrowing a book this week. I have been wanting a to read something that doesn't revolve around my Uni studies for so long I finally got my hands on one! I am reading "Lucky" By Alice Sebold, it is a very full on read, but a good one.

Unfortunately however, it I will also have to include some university readings into My time this week; as I need to complete 12 weeks worth by February 20th. I am choosing to complete one of my elective subjects before the new semester begins in a "condensed course"; which means 12 weeks worth of content squeezed into one week. But all readings must be completed before we start. And so it begins...

We were blessed this week with Benn lining up some work. He got a call on Friday for a weeks worth next week, with a possibility to keep him on if they like him. We were just worrying the other day about our finances so we couldn't be more grateful.

With Benn working tomorrow, we had to quickly change our plans for our wedding anniversary to yesterday. So we were a bit cheeky and celebrated two days earlier, but we have been looking forward to it for months! We caught the train down into Circular Quay in Sydney, then the ferry across the Harbour to the zoo. It was a beautiful (yet very hot) day and it secretly makes us wish we could work at the Zoo!

We spontaneously went camping Friday and Saturday night. We packed up the car after work on Friday and drove through the bush onto a secluded beach with some friends, and the same again on Saturday after Sydney. It was so nice to get away for a short time, 10 minutes from home. We were so impressed with the dogs staying by the campsite and not running off into the water or bushes. They were very well behaved!! We will be going on many more short trips in the future for sure.

I also borrowed a Jamie Oliver cook book from the library this week and I am in love! I haven't been very good with my "Creative Cooking" posts of late so I will try and remember to post up what we try from his book "Save with Jamie" this week.

Okay... so I will admit it one last time. I STILL haven't done any yoga. 12 days into the new year. Lets not make it 13. I will make sure to get up with Benn when he goes to work this week and do some yoga!! I will not let myself down! Hopefully next week I can finally say that I did it haha. Stay tuned....

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