Friday, 28 February 2014

Monthly Memories | February

One: My little Brothers birthday, he turned 20 on the 3rd of February. Not so little anymore I guess... Finally out of his teens. It's actually so weird to me to think that we (I have an older brother too) are "all grown up" now. When your younger and playing together, you don't really think about the times when everyone has left home, gotten jobs and partners. Life goes too fast.

Two: Valentines Day gift from my love. Although I love getting flowers, it's hard to see the value in spending money on a gift that dies within 3 days. So Benn normally likes to get flowers that can be planted instead :) And what girl doesn't love chocolate!

Three & Four: Our cat, Ember. She is a ragdoll cross and so beautiful. She has grown up with the dogs, thinks she is one and is constantly things to cause mischief with, like trying to catch my pen whilst I complete uni work.

Five: Big runs on the soccer field with my three babies. Stallone in front, Petal (white) and Chloe on the right. Chloe is actually the mother of the other two, but you wouldn't think so! She is much smaller and so much lighter, but definitely wears the pants for the lot of them (she likes to think she rules us sometimes too...).

Six: Morning sleep in's with Stallone and Petal. As soon as we wake up on the weekend and don't jump out of bed right away, they know they can sneak their way up and cuddle with us whilst we slowly get up. So cute!

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