Monday, 31 March 2014

Monthly Memories | March

A weekend spent in Sydney with my family. My Aunty, her Husband and three children have recently moved back to Australia, after living in England for maaaaaaaaany years (I met my 6 year old cousin for the first time in November!!!). So it was great to finally have a weekend to really catch up and hang out - along with all my other aunties of course! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of everyone together, but here are all the cousins that were there (this is only half of us!). I tend to feel a bit like an "aunty" to all my cousins, as you can see from above, I am a little older then all of them (about 13 years older!!). I love I seeing them playing together and watching all their crazy antics. Family is wonderful.

My mother and I travelled down to Sydney together for that weekend and it was so nice to finally spend some quality time together. We don't have many recent pictures together, so I remembered just as she was about to leave on Sunday afternoon when she dropped me off (after changing into my pj's of course!) to get Benn to get a photo of us together.

We had a spit roast one weekend (you all need to get one, it is amaaaaaazing). And funny enough, someone happened to cal the Fire Brigade!!?? So we had to trucks of fire fighters rock up (sorry!) and check out what was going on. Nothing was the matter and to be honest, I think they were a little bummed they couldn't stay for lunch!

I am doing Creative Arts at University this semester and I LOVE it. I find it such a therapeutic subject and I can just relax and do my thing (even though I may not be that great). It is one of the only subjects with very minimal stress and I love getting all creative. Above is a puppy balloon, then a puppy i had to make using newspaper and masking tape. Then covering it in plaster! I wish I had Creative Arts every semester, so much fun!

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