Wednesday, 23 April 2014

University Life for Two!

I have a really bad habit of not posting enough on here (like ever). So I'm going to try harder to maintain more consistent updates. Beginning with this one.

Life right now. Well. It's busy. Sometimes I feel like people look at me silly when I say that because "all I do" is go to university, I have no children and don't work more than once a month. However, I truly do feel like I never have time for anything (plus being on an extremely tight uni budget doesn't help...).

The biggest change for us so far this year would have been Benn starting uni!!!! I am so so proud of him and we have kept it a little secret until now, due to his request. But he is absolutely loving it and thriving. He is studying Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood and Primary, same as what I am doing. He has been working for almost 10 years since he left school and has been supporting me going to uni for the past 2 years. However, with recent obstacles that came up at his old job, it was time for a change. And a big one at that. So we re organised our budget and made the the decision that if we (literally) only spend money on food, petrol, rent and bills for the next 2 years (until I finish) then it can be done. It is a sacrifice, for both of us (I cannot remember the last time we had McDonald's for example), but it is for the best. In 2 years time I will be finished and can finally get a job, then 2 years later again, Benn will be finished also and we will both have careers which we really want and worked for, rather than just "what we could get". Although he still works approximately 1-2 nights a week. He is doing so well and adjusting to the "uni life" like a champ. I knew he could do this and I am beyond proud of him. He is quite chuffed with himself too.

Likewise, I am loving every minute of uni, no matter how much stress it may entail. There is something so peaceful (unless its exam time), about studying what you really want to do. I know that I am right where I am meant to be. In my third year(out of four) now and I am really living up to my nerd status. So much so that I have been invited and accepted into a program called "National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools". Which is where they take approximately 30 students out of 700, whose grades are averaging Distinction and High Distinction to be apart of a program that specialises in Low Socio-Economic schools. I am so proud of myself and it's really nice to see that my hard work has become recognised (I am a massive nerd, just ask Benn and all the others in my classes who probably get annoyed at my many questions and remarks haha). The program begins in Semester 2 and runs until I finish next year. I am so excited. Being apart of this will also (highly) assist me in finding a job once I finish, as I will hopefully become a Targeted Graduate. I feel so blessed and grateful.

Where exactly is the table...? Lucky we have laptops!

The study is now over flowing with un-organised uni papers and books.
(I'm really not living up to my organisation standards but like I said - no time!!). 
So that's what we do now.  Assignments, readings, lectures, tutorials, learning, library books, library fines (I really suck at returning books.. must get better), messy study (see above), computes, laptops, books books books, exams - and repeat. 

And we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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