Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Monthly Memories | April

I posted this for National Sibling Day (April 10th), even though we don't really celebrate it in Australia. I couldn't help but post a totally cute picture from our primary school days, the one year we were all together. Josey (year 6, about 11), Myself (year 3, age 8) and Carl (kindergarten, age 4). I really like this photo. I would love to "re-create" it one day.

 We finally used a movie voucher that we were given as a Christmas gift. First time at the movies in about 3 years and it was so much fun! Although I am a bit of a control freak and didn't like how I couldn't adjust the volume and pause it for food/toilet breaks. But other then that it was nice to see a movie on the "big screen". We saw Noah and I highly recommend it! 

Our beautiful kitty, Ember, making herself rather comfortable in the sink. She is the only cat I know who is not afraid of water. When it rains she runs in and out of the windows/doors through the rain and back into the house. It is hilarious.

ANZAC day, April 25th. This year I finally set my alarm and made it to the Dawn Service. It was lovely to remember both my wonderful Pa and all the soldiers who served for our country. Even though it ended up raining (I had the scariest drive home...ever!!!)

We had some spare money for petrol in the 4WD this week, so what's the first thing Benn does? Goes for a "mud run" of course. I am not a fan of all the sliding around and quick driving in the mud (I am not much of a "risk-taker"), but I am more then happy to stand under an umbrella in the light rain, taking videos and photos of all the fun the boys have. As you can see, the car got a little dirty.....

I'm not one to post many "selfie's". But here is how my April ended. I went to Sydney with Mum again (she invited me to a Church musical), so what better way to document being slightly dressed up, then a standard bathroom selfie. Enjoy.

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