Saturday, 28 June 2014

Life Right Now.

Currently Benn is on university holidays (and loving it I might add), and I am on my 2-week break from my first Professional Experience in a Primary School. I do 4 weeks all up, so far I am two weeks down, with 2 weeks left to go. I finish officially on the 25th of July.

I have already had a Professional Experience in a Pre-School, last year, and I felt quite at home there as I have worked in childcare on and off for the past 5 years. This time, I am on Year 3 (ages 8 and 9). I was pretty apprehensive on my first day and worried for how I would handle these "old" children. But I absolutely love it. I really feel in my element and LOVE being a teacher. The children are wonderful and I am on a fantastic class, not to mention the class teacher is so helpful and supportive with anything that I need. 
So many people keep asking what I like more, Childcare (Early Childhood) or Primary School. But the truth is , I love them both for a variety reasons. Both are so similar, yet so very different. I have a feeling when I finish I will apply for jobs in both areas and let the heavens decide where I am to really begin my career.

Benn did so well in his first semester of university, he came out with High Distinctions, Distinctions and Credits - So great for his first time studying in almost 10 years. I am so happy for him. He really worked hard and deserved it. To fill his time during the 6 week break he gets (I know right, uni life is the best!!), he is playing car mechanic and pulling apart old cars to sell bits and pieces on eBay. He is so handy and really knows cars, to the point where my house currently looks like a car yard (2 car shells sitting on my front lawn...), but it is worth it when people buy the parts on eBay. Every bit of extra money counts when you are both poor uni students. Oh and massive shout out to my husband for cooking dinner every night and tidying the house every day whilst I work 8-4 (at prac) and then come home and write up 2-3 lessons every night. Love him. Alot.

First Day of Holidays and sickness consumes my body.

During the 2 week break I get, I plan to: get over my sickness (boo),  hibernate in my dressing gown, watchDisney movies, sleep in, hang out with my husband and my dogs, read books that I never get a chance to during uni semesters, catch up with an old friend, see my Mother, oh yeah and write up 20 lesson plans for my final 2 weeks...

Let the fun times begin.

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