Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sticky Cat and Kittens.

On December 1st, 2014 our cat, Ember (also known as Sticky Cat*) had four very cute kittens.
We were smitten from day one.
2 ginger, 2 grey/black. 
3 males, 1 female.

 Night they were born

It's been so great having the little fur balls joining our family for the past 8 weeks.
But alas, it's now time to go.

Although I will be sad to see them go. 
I will not be sad to be woken up at 5am by little feet running around our room.
Or how they climb all over the bookshelf.
Or tear up tiny pieces of paper into more tiny pieces of paper.
Or chewing our shoes.

But poor Ember/Sticky Cat will miss them terribly.
She is very attached to say the least.
And has been a wonderful, devoted, loving Mother.
Lucky our neighbour across the road is keeping one
or maybe we would have had to.

***Ember received the name "Sticky Cat" after our friends children played with her and found that if you threw her (very gently) onto the tree she would "stick" and stay put for several minutes - as if camouflaged. 
So they lovingly nicknamed her Sticky Cat and it has stuck (mind the pun).

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