Saturday, 21 September 2013

Happy 50th Birthday Mum.

Today Mums birthday, her 50th. She used to tell me when I was younger that she wanted a big party for her 50th, however in recent weeks when I have spoken to her she has been dreading it. So I wanted to make it special.
 I was on "cake duty", so I cooked her favourite "Orange and Poppy seed" in both muffins and a cake. You can see it in my recent creative cooking post, here.
Due to our never ending tight budget, I was in able to go crazy on the presents side of things so I decided to make something from the heart. I bought two matching frames, enlarged a photo from the wedding for one (Benns present to mum) and I printed off a quote on Pinterest for the other. You can find the quote, here.

I also bought a jar from the local dollar shop and filled it with 50 "thankyou" notes. It was so much fun to make and to think of 50 different things to be thankful for over the years. I'm sure, actually I know, that there would be many more. She loved it, I wish I had a photo of her opening it, but none the less. It was perfect. I got the idea from Pinterest, you can see it on my board here.

Photo time is always a must at every get together, no matter how many of us are missing (which is quite alot in this photo). And even if it may take 20minutes for everyone to smile at the same time and look in the same direction. I love these family shots.

I had so much fun leading up to this day thinking of different things to get her. It was nice to do the 50 "thankyou" notes, it really made me realise how much she has done for me over the years. She was a single parent and handled it fantasticly, we were very close growing up and I will always treasure those years. I really love my mother and wanted to give her a special day that she deserved. A birthday to remember.


Love you Mum, Happy Birthday xo
Younger Brother Carl, My mother and Me.