Monday, 16 September 2013

Our Home.

We have lived in a few places since we have been together, but unfortunately I do not have any pictures of those, so I wanted to make sure I took photos of our house this time! We have lived in this humble three bedroom house since November 2011 and it has been the best house so far, however, we still cannot wait for the day until we finally buy one of our own! I snapped these pictures of the lounge room, dining/kitchen and bedroom on the morning of our house inspection (to which no one showed up!). I assure you, this is not how it looks all of the time. More often then not (like right now for instance) it is has evidence of three dogs and two people leading busy lives, but we can pretend that I keep it this clean all of the time.
I really love the TV area in the lounge room (top photo, right hand side). It has the bunting, letters, jars and house from our wedding, with photos on the wall behind. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of our day.

 In these photos you can kind of see my (very) humble kitchen, to which I have thoroughly outgrown! You know your getting old when the one major annoyance in your house isn't how big your bedroom is, it's how big your kitchen is! (Or isn't!!). One day I will get my dream kitchen, with my walk in pantry and dishwasher..

Our hallway is my favourite part of our house (the end room is the study). It is filled with paintings, things we have made (the guitars down the end Benn painted and jar from the wedding on the mirror) and photos of our life. I want to re-decorate/re-arrange everything. But it will have to wait until we buy a house, so I don't make too many holes in the walls!

 And our bedroom! How I live for the day of owning built in wardrobes.. But until then living with our clothes on display (half of the time) will have to do. I also really need to get my act together and fix the paintings and get wedding canvas's printed for above our bed! I have a great idea, but I am waiting for the Christmas uni break when I will have more time.. I think our room gets pushed aside so much because people don't see it often. However, I want to change all the by the end of the year and put lots of photos/prints up around the room! :) 

This is where they spend most of their days.. Cheeky babies.

Since taking the above photos I also updated our fireplace display, to which I love alot more. 
I am obsessed with nice prints/quotes these days.