Thursday, 12 November 2015

Four Years have past.

My years at University have ended.
Four years.
It may not seem like much to some.
But four years at uni feels like a lifetime.
The assignments, the stress, the planning, the organising, the teachers, the work, the worry - it's all done.

But it wasn't all so bad!!
I made some amazing life long friends, built relationships with my teachers that will last forever, learnt some amazing things, experienced some fantastic placements and all round loved it.
My good memories 100% outweigh the bad - it was SO worth it!!

Its such a weight off my shoulders, but now because I don't have to do anything - I'm literally doing nothing! It's pretty bad. I've been finished for 5 weeks and all I have done is a few loads of washing, kept the dishes clean and watching 3 seasons of Gossip Girl (almost at season 4).
I have been applying for jobs (8 so far in fact). Which takes HOURS to complete an application, it's such a gruelling process! I'm taking it all as experience. I'm not fussed about not getting a job yet, by the time I get one I will be PRO at writing applications!

Something that I am SUPER proud of from University is that I am a targeted graduate. Which is HUGE. For those who don't know it basically means I am a "top match" graduate. Something that only 5 or so people in my course (of approximately 100+ people) make. I'm getting text messages saying "you have been matched to a teaching vacancy and have 48 hours to reply".  I'm not saying it to brag. But oh my goodness it's so amazing.

I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends, family and most of all - my amazing hubby!

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