Saturday, 7 November 2015

It's been awhile..

(completely unrelated picture - except for the fact that its me)

So I'm the worlds worst blogger. No post follow ups. No updates. No nothing. Can I use life as an excuse? Cause it's been downright BUSY.

One major thing that has caused this in the past 10 months is the fact that I was in my final year of Uni - can I get a HALLELUJAH!!! And yes I did was WAS because now I am FINISHED!!!!!! Four years of study, assignments, exams, placement and stress - I never thought the day would come. But it did (September 19th to be exact) and it is GLORIOUS. I have even been working as a teacher!!! It's the best and weirdest feeling in the world. I actually get paid to do what I love, how cool is that!?

However, I'm a girl that needs structure. And uni brought that, so now that I don't have it I'm feeling a little lost. My house is messy, I'm not sure what to do each day and a lot of Gossip Girl is getting watched. What do people do with no job? I need to re organise my study but that sounds so BORING. Yet I cannot enter the room due to the anxiety it gives me. My goal is to organise my study by the end of November - I'm writing it for the world to see to hold me responsible (let's hope).

I never know what else to update.. Benn is doing great - half way through his degree in so proud of him!! He's loving it and tackling it like a champ (you rock babe).

We got a new deck on our house - which is great because our old one was literally about to fall off and there and had to dodge loose panels (not cool).

Our cat had kittens! Only 3 this times and they all look the same (super cute). The dogs are still as cheeky as ever - we need to get some serious training down. They are beginning to rule us rather then us rule them. Go figure.

So I'm hoping this is the start to a better blog writer with more frequent posts, but I guess time will tell!! I do have to do an update on my previous heart post, what's it like to be finished uni and my grad ball (which was just last night!). So except at least 3 posts to come ;)

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