Saturday, 14 November 2015

Striving for Perfection

I love blogging.
I feel like such a release conveying my emotions. Retelling memories. And keeping a record of my life, our life, together.
I could browse through peoples blogs, their lives, for hours. That's what first made me want to blog, reading through the pages from other peoples journey's.
I am an avid journal keeper. And I love reading back through previous entries. I guess that's why I love blogging so much. Not that I share my inner most secrets with the world. But it's my "public" journal. One that will stay forever online and my family can read (and stalk haha) me for ever!

However, I feel like there is a pressure to have a perfect blog, and thus a perfect life.
I guess that's the thing with social media, you are constantly comparing yourself to others and trying to measure up to what they are portraying. I do it with more then just blogging. There is also instagram and facebook. Browsing through the perfect photos, peoples lives, what they do, where they've travelled, what they are wearing and where they live - you begin to start comparing yourself. Which then begins the vicious cycle.

They say comparison is the thief of joy and it's so true. However I find myself doing it far too often. Forever wishing I had "that life", browsing and reading through the pages of the "life I want" for hours - which doesn't help. I need to stop. Now.

I don't have the perfect life, but neither do they. My photos aren't shot with a fancy DSLR, my house is a mess 95% of the time, I wear my pj's most days that I am home, I hate doing the dishes, my dogs drop hair all of my house and on every piece of fabric, we don't have money for fancy clothes or cars, let alone travelling or holidays.

But that's okay. I have a husband who loves me, a family who loves me, a roof over my head, a house perfect for us, rent we can afford, three gorgeous fur babies, a teaching degree, a husband who works hardand so, so much more. I am grateful. I am happy. And I need to stop comparing myself to others.

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