Monday, 11 November 2013

Goodbye Dairy.

 Over the past few months I have been acquiring alot of new and interesting information regarding the types of foods I am putting into my body. I don't just mean cutting back on McDonald's, but every single thing I buy at the shops. I am talking about how it was produced and manufactured, and the consequences of this on my body. Many informative friends of mine have led me to read information regarding, organic healthy grown foods, new cooking ideas (with less sugar) and putting the right substances into my body. I haven't fully revamped my whole food pantry just yet, but it is a slow work in progress. Changing your lifestyle, diet and habits after 23 years of doing the same thing, does not happen over night. The two biggest factors in all foods and primarily the two I myself wish to focus on, is gluten (wheat) and dairy. I have already started eliminating dairy and gluten will be next. My goal is zero dairy and 90% less gluten intake by the new year.

Dairy. One of the most common and misleading things that we put into our bodies each day. I wish I had articles and such to direct you too, however, if you search on google, many will come up, highlighting the different reasons why you should avoid it. Yesterday marked one week without dairy and although I haven't seen any "massive" changes just yet, we had a creamy-based dinner last night and it was very heavy in my stomach and made me feel quite sick. An indication to continue with the whole no-dairy thing.  I don't have much dairy in my diet as it is, just milk in my chai tea and cereal. Instead I use Almond milk, which I have grown to like quite alot. So I haven't found it thaaat hard (although I wouldn't mind a snickers bar). Gluten however, will be another mission all together. I love my breads, pasta and rice, plus everything else it is in (which is alot). Next month I shall start Gluten elimination.

I thought I would leave you with a series of photos I found, which is an interesting take on the whole no-dairy thing. These photos is what put my plan into full force.