Friday, 29 November 2013

Meal Planing Review.

This post is a little overdue (read: one week), but, better late then never right?

I'd probably call the meals this eek a 50/50 success. 50/50, because I only ended up making 50% of them. I am only going to write a review of the recipes that I did have the chance to make, but if you would like to view all that were on the plan you can find them on this post. Sweet Potatoe Casorole, Black Bean Burgers and Homemade Hamburger helperr will have to be moved and tired on another night. I think I get a little ahead of myself thinking that we can try new meals each night when we also work of a night too. But at least I am trying.

Pumpkin Chilli.
Oh man, this was pretty d. Like really good. I am a massive pumpkin lover though, I could probably eat it with every meal, so I as bound to love this one. Benn gets worried if he doesn't eat meat with every meal (typical male), so I also added some bacon in ours, along with; mushrooms, basil and coriander. I made up the pumpkin puree in the blender with the onions and herbs, just like you would if you were to make Pumpkin Soup.

One Pot Chicken.
Now this was AMAZING. Benn was in love and said that we MUST eat this once a week.  Everything in the recipe just works together and I could eat it everyday. It did take longer then 45-50 mins in the oven however, (It was closer to 90mins!), whether that is due to my silly oven or not I am unsure, but it was worth the wait. I finally got the chance to use the beautiful pot we were given from Benn's Grandfather. I love beautiful old items like this.

Quinoa Stir-Fry.
I don't have a recipe, nor do I have photos for this meal. But it was pretty simple. Basically I just chose a range of vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoe, capsicum, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion), roasted them in the oven with coconut oil and a variety of herbs, then mixed it all together once the Qunioa was cooked. I was kinda hoping that there could be enough flavour on the vegetables to be sufficient....turns out their wasn't and it tasted slightly bland. Better lucky next time I guess.

Now onto my favourite kinda "meals"....

Paleo Brownies.
I put these off for WEEKS, because I was so scared of cooking brownies with Sweet Potatoe. ...hang on, What did I just say? You heard right though, SWEET POTATOE. So strange. But surprisingly, so good and you don't even notice it! These brownies were SO scrumptious and fluffy that I still can't believe what was used to make it.


Chocolate Paleo Breakfast Cookies.
Although the brownies we delightful, these cookies are by far my favourite out of all I have cooked and I will be making a stock pile each week so that I never run out (ever). I am not the biggest fan of pecans, so I used walnuts and macadamias and I also changed the coconut flakes to shredded coconut, purely because that's what I already had - it still worked out fine! I am still amazed at how you store the cookies too... in the freezer. Put them all in an airtight container in the freezer and you can grab one on the go anytime and eat it straight away. They don't freeze 100%, and continue to soften up as they "thaw"out. Best. Cookies. Ever.

I am loving all these new recipes, I really want to buy a cookbook which you "hand write" in. Even though these recipes aren't my own, I'd like to have them written down to keep on hand and to pass on to my children one day eventually!