Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sunday Seven.

I thought I would focus this week's "Sunday Seven" on aspects of my life that I am thankful for, in light of the American holiday this week - Thanksgiving. Although it is not custom to celebrate it here in Australia, there is something really special about a whole country dedicating a day being thankful for what they have, it makes me want to start a family tradition! However, for now, I will keep it to this blog post. Some things on my list may seem a bit trivial, but the way I look at it, these trivial things help make life more comfortable, and with the craziness that life brings - I like being comfortable for the ride.

1.  I am grateful for my Dad and Brother driving from Victoria to spend the week visiting. I don't get to see them often, due to distance and finances, and this is their "Christmas" visit. So it was nice to spend some time and catch up with them again.

2. My drivers licence. I honestly do not know how people survive without their license. Maybe it is because of where I live (terrible public transport), or maybe it's because I have been driving for the past 7 years, but I just can't fathom living without a license and hope that I never have to!

3. Benn's self-taught car mechanic abilities. This guy, you'd think he'd have studied car mechanic type stuff in the past the way he rattles off things about the engine, ways to improve the car/engine and the fact that he can fix many issues before needing to take it to a "real" mechanic. He loved cars whilst growing up, so he taught himself. Read manuals, took bits apart to see how they went together and researched online. We have saved countless amounts of money due to his wonderful skills and so have many of our friends/family! This week he "raised" our 4WD and on Tuesday we are getting "Mud Terrain" tyres. Pictures to come!

4. Coconut Oil. Since discovering this wonderful natural oil, I use it on everything - literally. Cooking, cleaning, make up removal, moisturiser, toothpaste, deodorant, hair treatment, skin healing, scar fading - the list goes on. I currently have about 4 half-empty (or half-full!?) jars around the house now in several different rooms. I do not know how I lived with out it. If you are unaware of the health benefits or uses of Coconut Oil, read this.

5. My creative gene! I really enjoy getting crafty, and have made a few projects this week (which I will post about soon). I probably should thank my two art-school-attending parents for that.

6.  This blog. For some reason I fail at writing in my journal. I keep up to date on and off over the years, but I guess with the ever-advancements in technology makes it easier to "blog" about my life then write about it. At least I have a record though.

7. Music. I know this is a lame one as everyone "loves" music. But it really never fails to lighten my mood and lift my spirits. It is my escape and my happy place. I listen to Christina Aguilera whilst falling asleep each night (don't judge me).