Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pinterest Project | DIY "Scrabble" Board Wall Art


 Okay, So I have been really slack lately at keeping up with these "12 Weeks of Pinterest" posts. I blame the crazy Christmas season and the fact that I have actually been doing lots of the projects (plus more!). And this one here would have to be one of my favourites. The "Scrabble" name board.

This is the post where I found my inspiration, however, it had no tutorial. I didn't look another one up, but I'm sure you could search one if you tired - or you can just use mine! ;) I had great trouble finding wood pieces that would be perfect for the letters. Ideally, I originally wanted actual scrabble tiles, but the cheapest I could find was $1 per tile, and I needed 94 tiles - so that was not a great option. I was just about to buy these wooden cubes when Benn suggested the idea of using small bath tiles, what!? BEST IDEA EVER. They were the perfect size, and even though I was quite stuck on my wood-tiles idea, I came around pretty fast and loved the different shades I found. I also originally planned to use a frame or memory box type thing to put the Scrabble tiles on. But could not find something that would allow the tiles to fit between the glass, whilst also being large enough for all the names I needed to add. Once again, my handy-man husband Benn suggested I use some ply wood, cutting it to size. So that's exactly what I did.  The following is a series of steps which will give you a guide you can follow if you wish to complete this project for yourself or a loved one!

DIY "Scrabble" Board Wall art

Step 1) Lay out your tiles in the general order that you need your names. I didn't worry to much about colour coordination as this is merely for you to measure length and height of your names so you can cut out a piece of ply to size. But it is also a great way to get an idea of how your tiles look placed together!

Step Two) Cut out ply board to size (may need man muscle for help like I did.
Step Three) Sand all edges of ply board until smooth, create rounded edges on all four corners (optional).

Step Four) Varnish Ply wood. This step takes several hours or days, depending on weather. And must be repeated, depending on how dark you want your wood. I choose a "Walnut Stain Gloss Varnish". I put on 3 coast on the back and three on the front. Make sure you use wet and dry sand paper between each coat (do not sand the final coat). Dip the sand paper in a jar of water and sand the board. Keep the sand paper wet whilst sanding.
 Step Five) Arrange tiles on wood and make sure they are straight (ready to be glued). I experimented again with my tiles here too.

Step Six) Measure out frame for board. I measure in from all four sides 3.5 cms, but you will have to check the amount of room you have after placing your tiles in their correct position. Hammer in nails at each corner of frame point.
Step Seven) Use a very strong adhesive glue to stick tiles to ply wood. I used the glue in which you let each side dry for a few minutes then stick it down. By morning the tiles where all stuck down completely.
Step Eight) Using scrapboard stickers, arrange letters to create the names. My letters unfortunately weren't very sticky, so I also put a light coat of clear-dry PVA glue over the top as well.
Step Nine) Wrap white twine around each nail on all four corners, repeating around the frame depending on desired thickness.


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