Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Monthly Memories | December.

1. First day of December means putting up the tree, even if it is only a tiny one. 
We ended up getting a larger tree which Benn cut down from the bush, 
but sadly I do not have a photo of it :(
2. My amazing find on the side of the road. Apart from some dust and dirt, it works perfectly. 
Now that December is over and life will start to get quiet, it's time to play with some fabrics I have ;)
3. One of the many head bands I have made! 
4. Our new little kitten, Ember. Our neighbours rag-doll cat had kittens 
and they gave us one for free! So of course we happily obliged, just look at that face! 
She fits in with the dogs perfect and thinks she is alot bigger then what she really is.
5. Chloe, forever sleeping on our bed all day long. On Benn's side preferably of course.
6. Chloe again, having some morning cuddles before getting up for the day. 
I have a soft spot for my big furry 4-year old.
7. Selfie with my bearded husband whilst out in the Bush 4WDing. 
8. From dense bush and mud, to views like this. 
Having a 4WD really allows you to see vast landscape contrasts,
literally 15 minutes from where we live.
9. Christmas Day.
10. I have been meaning to get a picture of all of us for some time now,
so what better day then the last day of 2013! Getting a picture of all 3 dogs,
2 humans and 1 cat looking at the camera at the same time is a challenge.

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