Sunday, 15 December 2013

Sunday Seven.


I feel like this week has been boring, but I will try to think of seven things that stand out!

1. I had to sit 2 exams on Monday, to "prove" that I could do Year 12 English and Maths, even though I am getting Distinctions and High Distinctions in all my subjects!! So Silly.

2. Speaking of Maths, I have never excelled in that subject, really I barely scraped by in all my Primary and High school years. But I tried SO hard this Semester, in the hopes that I would Pass. I was terrified of failing a Maths subject again and went to every help session and studied like I never have before. Well, it paid off - I got a Distinction!!! 6 marks away from a High Distinction even. I cannot believe it.

3. I got out the sewing machine this week and it has been so therapeutic sitting there creating things for the house. Currently I am making us some Christmas stockings. I cannot wait to share them here once I am done! Next on the list is a maxi skirt and headband for myself.

4. I have been a little bit slack on my "12 Weeks of Pinterest" this week, but I got a little bit carried away with sewing! I have also made something for a dear friend of mine, however I cannot share it on here until she receives it! I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise in case she is reading this...

5. We have yet another new addition to our family this week, a rag doll kitten named Ember. She is so beautiful and I will really have to get a nice picture of her to post up. She is so cheeky and constantly running around! The dogs love her and think she is very interesting haha.

6. Yesterday marked the first minor dint in the 4WD. It was bound to happen eventually, and it was really just an unfortunate situation. Benn was climbing up a hill, when the car slipped on a rock and slid back into a tree. Just a scratch and minor dent in the drivers door, nothing to major, but it's still super annoying! The first scratch is always the worst.

7. With Christmas so close around the corner, and on hearing a strong message this morning at Church about giving and service during this time. I really want to try and help someone by doing something small each day when the opportunity arises, even something as simple as helping someone with their shopping bags. I will report back next week.

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