Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pinterest Project | DIY Wall Art - Wood, Nail and Twine.

I really enjoyed this project. I found it quite theraputic banging all those nails into the wood.. haha. And plus it was SO easy!! I measured out a square on some scrape wood that Benn had lying around and asked him to cut it out for me (man power!). I drew on a heart as evenly as I could (I probably could have done it better) and began working out how many nails I need.

You can't really tell in this picture, but to ensure that I nailed in the nails evenly, I measured up the sides of the square and marked 1cm widths. I then drew very light pencil lines along the whole block and used them as a guide for my heart shape. Although my heart is not 100% symetrical, drawing these lines at least ensured that my nails would be symmetrical.

I started with gold, only a small ammount though as I didn't want it to override the red. I didn't really follow any type of pattern, I was going for the "messy" look and I think I succceeded. Next time I want to try to follow some type of pattern.

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