Sunday, 29 December 2013

Our Christmas Day.

I was so, so busy in the week leading up to Christmas trying to get lots of cooking and crafting done that it as lovely to finally wake up not in a rush and relax on Christmas Day. I wanted to make Christmas a little bit more exciting this year, so even though we have no children just yet, who says we can't have stockings too? Who doesn't like opening up a few small gifts on Christmas morning, along with some cheeky lollies and chocolate to eat before breakfast too. So with a week to go before Christmas, I got my sew on. I had some left over fabric from making the bunting and although the fabric is not very "Christmas-y", I decided to use it anyways and mix and match every stocking!

Benn and I started the morning opening up gifts from each other and "Santa". Yep, I filled our home-made-stockings up with treats and goodies that we could pig out all day/week. I got my new bag, which I LOVE. I have been looking for the perfect bag for ages. It had to be brown, leather, large, able to fit over my shoulder and have a small pocket on the outside for my phone. And I got exactly that. Benn helped me choose it and I couldn't be happier. I also got some lovely jewelry and clothes. Benn recieved spotlights (for the car), a toolbox and some fishing gear. Even though we both new exactly what we were opening, it was really nice to (cheekily) use a little bit of savings and spoil each other this year.

My Grandma, Mother, Brother and his fiance came over for about an hour to exchange presents before we left for Sydney, as my Bro and his Fiance weren't coming due to other commitments. I am really annoyed at myself for not getting a photo of us all together before we left!! There is always next time I guess..
Next was the brief hour drive down to Sydney to see my aunties, uncles and cousins. I love going to my big family do's at Christmas time. There is always so much happening and an abundant amount of amazing food on display. It's so nice to be in family company. That is what Christmas is really all about. Below are some snaps I took on my phone from the day. Hopefully I can grab some better ones from my Grandma soon.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!! 
How did you spend it?

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