Sunday, 1 December 2013

Monthly Memories | November.

1. 4WD fun. We drove right out on a cliff and walked to the tip. 
Fantastic view! It's great the places we can go now.
2. New recipe testing. This was SO yummy - Paleo Brownies. 
You can find the review here.
3. Standard Instagram Selfie.
4. Preparing juice packs for the freezer. Having packs ready to go in the freezer is great for 
quick and easy mornings, and my lack of motivation.
5. Juice packs - I ended up with about 8!
6. Green juice. This one had: Spinach, Apple, Pear, Cucumber, Kiwi fruit and water.
Clearly Storm approved.
7. Sitting in the car with the babies, whilst Benn helps our friend with their flat tyre in the rain. 
8. Some journals that I found before technology became so easy. It's funny reading
what you wrote about all those years ago. So many changes.
9. A monthly calender I made from my Pinterest. I can update it each month and 
plan to hang it up where we enter the house. My post about it can be found here.
10. Another craft project from Pinterest. Ticking things off my "12 Weeks of DIY".
(more details here)