Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunday Seven.

I missed out on last week's Sunday Seven post due to craft overtaking my life! But all is well and things should be back to normal now. Fingers cross I can keep up with them every week starting in the new year!

My little brother got engaged!!!!! He has been dating his girl, Sam, for a year now but they went to primary and high school together and have literally known each other since they were 5! They are very cute together and I wish them all the best.

Busy season. Woah. Does every year get busier? Or am I just noticing it more with age? Whatever the reason people seemed to always be in such a constant rush whenever I went to the shops this week. So much craziness at this time of year.

Christmas - slightly obvious one as it was smack bang in the middle of the week. I had such a nice day and we are still yet to catch up with Benn's side of the family as were in Sydney Christmas day. Did I mention everyone is so busy!?

Craft. Craft. Craft - That's what my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday consisted of. Making people gifts for Christmas!! Check out what I got up to by visiting my 12 weeks of Pinterest post.

Boxing day sales. Because generally we know what e get each other every year, we always make sure to set aside some money for the boxing day sales. Because why not wait one more day and get 50% off right!! It is probably the one day of the year in which Benn is actually excited and willingly goes into every shop with me. It is great. Expensive (kinda...cause we save lots right??). But great.

New year, new goals. It's that time of year again, to work out what things you want to achieve or accomplish over the next twelve months. I plan to make a separate post about this by the 31st, as I really am trying to think long and hard and be reflective about my goals this year. I want to make them important.

We are "going" on our first date tonight from the date night jar! Benn picked out number 5, so technically we are staying in. But its fancy dinner and dress and I am so excited! I can't wait to bring back that spark we have full force.

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