Thursday, 19 December 2013

Pinterest Project | DIY Bunting.

Even though this wasn't in my list of  "12 Weeks of Pinterest", I decided to include it in the list of Pinterest Projects. Because if I was really honest, this has been a to-do project for a long time!

A small group of friends and I played the good old "Secret Santa" game for Christmas. It was really fun and we filled out a questionnaire of 10 general things about each other to give us all some guidance. I love giving presents, but actually find the whole choosing-what-to-get part really hard (my indecisiveness probably doesn't help either!). I like getting one-of-a-kind type gifts for people and what better way to do that then make something! I am not an advanced crafter or sewer of any kind, but I don't think I'm too terrible at it and plus, it's so vastly exciting to create something for someone. It really puts the thought into gift giving!

I have been wanting to make some bunting for a long time and I think it's a nice house-type decoration that you can put in a range of different places. I didn't follow one exact tutorial as such, I figured it was pretty straight forward and basically just winged the whole thing!

*I am also terrible at remembering to take pictures of my progress during creation! I apologise and will try to remember better in future (although I can't make any grantees..).

My triangles are 20cm x 20cm. I laid them out on ironed fabric, pinned down and traced around in pencil. I did this step repeatedly for all 16 triangles, on a range of different fabrics.They were a perfect size, because on one side of each triangle, I was also adding the letters to spell out my friends name.

Unfortunately the limited space in our house doesn't leave me with many options when it comes to laying fabric out. so I used the top of the couch, which held some sleeping babies at the time.


I'm really happy with how it turned out in the end, except I wish I got a picture of the back as well!

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