Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Farewell Sister Slade!

These past few months I had had a great pleasure and honour of getting to know a missionary from my church, Sister (Kelli) Slade. 

 Missionaries from the church serve volunteer for a period of 18 months - 2 years in a country around the world where they are called too. It is such a huge sacrifice for so many of them and they are all such wonderful, humble people.

We were lucky enough to be blessed with Sister Slade! She is such a lovely girl and has become such a great friend to Benn and I. She flew back to America yesterday where she is from and I will miss her terribly!! One day we will finally venture over to America and go on our dream holiday to road trip across the states on Route 66. We will surely be taking up Sister Slade's offer to crash out her house and see some sights! We can't wait :)
Oh and of course I sent her home with some Tim Tams, Milo and good old Vegemite!!

 Thankyou for your love and friendship.
Thankyou for your words of wisdom and your support.
Thankyou for being a such a bright shining light.
Can't wait to see you again one day.
Love you lots. Love us! xx

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