Monday, 25 August 2014

My Favourite Blogs!


I thought I would share with you some of the bloggers I find myself constantly reading and checking each week. I love their positive, real posts and find myself immersed in their words more often then I should be (sorry uni work).

I have always loved reading about peoples lives, biographies are my favourite types of books, so with the never ending advances of the Internet I constantly finding myself new blogs that I fall in love with. 

I am not really "big" in terms of the blogging world and half of these blogs wouldn't even know who I am, however, thats what blogging is all about right? Creating posts and inviting people into your lives - so many people that you don't even know whos reading. 

Thats kinda what I love about it I guess, letting people into your life one post at a time..


Nie Nie Dialouges - Stephanie is phenomenal. She has a beautiful family and a wonderful husband. Her journey is incredible, not to mention her optimism about life and the strength of her faith. I have spent hours reading her posts and have still not got through them all, not to mention so many bring me to tears.

Officially Stoked - A fellow Aussie blogger, Rachel, talking about her life in Brisbane with her husband and brand new babe.  I have known Rachel for a few years now and it's been lovely to see her fall in love, get married and start her beautiful family. She is a genuinely love person.

 Crowley Party - Alycia is so cute and loveable. She has great youtube videos with makeup advice, has gorgeous fashion sense and the love of her husband is just adorable. If I ever need inspiration for hair, makeup or what to wear, I know I can go straight to her blog and figure it out!

Love Taza - Naomi and her gorgeous family sharing their life with us from the famous New York City. She is currently pregnant with her third little bundle of joy and I can't wait to see pictures of the bubba come December. No doubt he/she will be just as gorgeous as the other two.


Okay now I feel like a massive stalker talking and recommending blogs that I am constantly reading. But take my word for it, they are amazing!


  1. Thankyou Neive. I really appreciate your kind words here! I love coming back to your blog too. It's a great way to keep connected :)

  2. No problem Rachel! And I agree, blogging is so great at keeping people up to date! haha xx

  3. Saw your comment on my blog, so thought I would pop over and say hi. I too LOVE all those blogs that you just listed and sometimes feel like a stalker. Alycia actually just started following me on Instagram and it almost felt like a celebrity was following me. Her sister actually lives about 5 minutes from me and is in my bf's ward.
    Fun tidbit you might enjoy - I lived in New Zealand for almost a yr, but during that I hopped over to Australia and backpacked the goldcoast for a few months in 2007 when I was 18. I also STILL watch Big Brother AU because of it - even the current season.

    You don't have to answer this if you don't want too, but you mentioned you had a CHD. Which one?
    xo Kierra