Friday, 8 August 2014


I find it so hard to find the words to write a post. 
I want to update this space with the happenings of our life, but I feel like there is nothing to say except; uni, eat, sleep - repeat. 
Apologies if our life is a little less then glamorous, but it's ours.

I am grateful for uni, for our house, for my little family, for having a car, for having good friends. There are so many things to be grateful for, so why not record just a few of them. 
No matter how "boring" my posts seem to be I must remember to write something, at least once a week. Just to update one what we have done, or want to do, or maybe what we wish we could do.  I know that in a few years I will look back and be grateful to read about the times when we had no money and only had to worry about when our next assignment was due (among other life issues, like bills - yuck).


We are currently 2 weeks into the uni semester and I already have 5 assignments due in the next 6 weeks (yay for me).
Plus the rest after that. 
Although I am loving my subjects for this semester; Early Childhood and Primary Numeracy, Integrated Curriculum, Aboriginal studies and Diversity and Inclusion. The last one there is super interesting, it's all about diversity (obviously) - race, language, disabilities, culture etc, and how to included that ethically within the classroom so all children are supported.
I am already finding it so eye opening and interesting. It really makes you re-think how you might look at or act in certain situations. 


Benn's subjects include; Science, K-6 Science (like how to teach science), Foundations of Child Development and Creative Arts. I can tell he is going to have a great semester (those subjects are all so fun).  He is loving uni, although finding it hard to get back into the "swing" of things. It happens to all of us when you have a 6-week break. 
During which time he enjoyed some 4WDing, tidying up downstairs, pulled cars apart for friends, put a new engine in our car and recently started a major service on a motor bike he acquired. He is seriously a man of many (many) trades. All self taught might I add.
 I don't know where he finds the energy or motivation, but he really does love it - so that helps.


Speaking of motivation, how do you do that "exercise" thing?
Like actually get out of the house and go for a walk/run.
I just can't manage it.
I told myself "I will go for a walk everyday this week".
Well that started and ended on Tuesday. 
My one walk. 
My Aunty would be horrified (sorry Ash).
The annoying thing is, I felt pretty good after it, but getting out there again to do it?
I am a women who will find any excuse; oh look it's so cold, but I should clean, I think I feel sick, I'm just so tired, If only I could afford a gym membership - then I would go... 
 But lets be realistic here.
Even if I had a gym membership I'm sure I could invent some type of other excuse.
However, each new day is a new one.
Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be different.


And look at that, I started this post saying I had nothing to say, and managed to write a nice long post about nothing. 
Good job on getting to the end. 

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