Saturday, 13 September 2014

Family Weekend - Saturday

My Grandmother, Catherine, loves to party. And her 80th of course had to be spectacular. She has many friends and family who she wanted to celebrate this remarkable occasion with so her party went over 2 days. The first party, on the Saturday, was what she called "Friends, Cousins and Extended Family Day". 

There was about 30 people who came to celebrate with her that day. Including 10 of us who were "waiters" and helped create this wonderful day for her. My 5 aunties, one uncle, my mother and 2 of my cousins all came along to help make sure this day was one to remember for my beuatiful Ma.

To say she loved it would be an understatement. There was laughs, food, love, speeches (My mad spoke for an hour, she really had alot to say!), singing (I sand SongBird by Fleetwood Mac), more food, presents, cakes, friends and most of all family.

The pictures I have taken do not do it justice and I cannot wait to get more photos from my Aunty Ash who was also snapping away on the day.

Spending time preparing food, helping and generally just being around my family was so lovely. I love looove my Aunties and any time I get to be around them I jump at the chance. It's not often we are all able to come together like this, so thats another reason this weekend was extra special to me.

(Aunty) Myfanwy was the host for the day.
(Aunty) Clodagh's speech.
Phillipa's speech (Ma's sister)
David's speech (Ma's Brother)
Ma's speech
The food. Ohhhh the foood. My aunts really know how to cook. I could eat their fod all day long. They have travelled to many different countires and have picked up a few things (or two) along the way. There was salads, quiche, cakes, coconut salads, pasta salads, lamb, ham, cheese's, entree's and more. I don't think I took photos of enough because the spread was just DELICIOUS.

This "bread-wheel" is INCREDIBLE. If you live in Sydney, it's from
a place in Boni called "Iggy's Bread".


Hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did Ma :)

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