Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Make a Vlog!

So today's Blog-tember prompt was to "Be brave and make a Vlog!". I have never made one before and I actually feel really awkward in front of the camera when I am speaking. I don't mind public speaking or singing in front of people, but to a camera? I just feel totally weird.
Anyways, I took this challenge up so I could step outside my comfort zone! I wanted to record it on my web cam, but for some reason it wasn't working and I had to do it today, so I resorted to my trusty iPhone. So I piled it up on a mountain of books so it got the frame right (well close to it). You have no idea how many times I filmed myself before getting it right! 
Sorry about all the Ums, So's, and weird pauses, I don't even realise I am doing it until I played it back, and I was soo not filming it for the 100th time! Haha.

This was actually so painful to make and upload. It took me about an hour to edit properly because the program stopped working. I uploaded it one way first and 90minutes later when it finished it didn't play!! So I have resorted to good old You Tube.

Blog-tember Challenge

Have you joined in on the Blog-tember challenge? Or have you made a Vlog before? Please comment below so I can check yours out!

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