Sunday, 14 September 2014

Family Weekend - Sunday

On Sunday, it was all about close family. Ma wanted a day to spend with her children, their partners, her Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. So we gave her exactly that. Mind you, there was sill 37 of use all together; I guess that’s what it’s like in a big family. No matter what there is always a lot of people around.

The day started at 11:30 when we began arriving at Clodagh’s house (my aunty). Although, I highly gather that it would have started a lot earlier for Clodagh and Nick (her husband), who were cooking and preparing all morning. At 12pm a photographer came to take a photo of each family group, and then a massive group shot, as this was one of Ma’s requests. I cannot wait to see how the photos turned out. I managed to snap a couple of each family (except the one with Mum, Josey, Carl, Benn and I – which I am so annoyed at!) which I have included below. It was so funny watching everyone stand their awkwardly trying to get a “natural shot” (myself included in that), plus after an hour of having your photo taken the younger children began to get a little over it to say the least (cue tears).

My Aunty Ash, her husband Wayne and their 2 kids;
Grayson and Billie-Rose

My Aunty Meredith, her husband Michael and their boy Louis
My Aunty Myfanwy, her husband Ian and their 3 kids;
Edward, William and Hannah

My Uncle Dick, his wife Sarah and their 2 kids;
Clarence and Vivienne

My Aunty Clodagh, her husband Nick and their 2 kids;
Francesca and Calum
My cousins James and David, James' 2 kids; Lucy and
Molly and my Aunty Rowena
Ma with her 2 Great Grandchildren, Molly and Lucy
My love and I having our own photoshoot
Benn wanted to do an "Abba" pose...

 After the "photoshoot" was finished, the day consisted of eating (alot), laughing, love, more photos, cake, presents, chatting, catching up, kids running around, kids playing and general family fun. My Auntys and uncle had all organised for a joint present for Ma. They made a quilt from a varuety of calico bags, it was beautiful I wish I got a photo! I was so glad that I made her a present from all of the Grandchildren as well. It was a lovely scrapbook filled with letters and drawings from us all, with 10 pages full of photos with a poem I also wrote (which I have included below). Ma LOVES sentimental gifts, so natually she loved her presents.

I love, loooove my family. And spending two full days with them was so amazing. Myfanwy used to live in England and has only recently come home, Ash lives in Perth and Ro lives in Holland – so it’s not often that we are together like this. And I can’t see it happening anytime soon again (hopefully in the next few years though!

Our Ma
She goes by the name of Catherine Crowe.
A wise, wholesome woman that everyone ought to know.
She is a Mother, a grandmother, a friend, a listener,
a counsellor, an organiser, a loving & caring giver.
You’ll see her in the garden, kitchen or abroad
You’ll see her belly-dancing and praising the Lord.
But mostly you will see her with her family,
the ones she loves and adores.
With bracelets adorned on her delicate wrists
Chiming and clinking with each gracious movement,
She’s not easily missed.
Her old, gracious hands are laid with jewels
on long gentle fingers, each one with a ring.
These hands are used for helping, for weeding,
for cooking and cleaning.
Hands made to care, to love and to hug.
Many a times have these hands supported, embraced and encouraged.
She is filled with intelligence and wisdom,
A dash of Dooley nerves and a slice of stress
Each characteristic is special, each one is important
Or she wouldn’t be the women who loves and supports us.
You may know her as Catherine Crowe
Although we are blessed, for to us she is called
Our Mother
Our Grandmother
Our Best Friend
Our Ma.

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