Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wish List

I have been silently dreaming about things to buy (with all that money we don't have) for my house for weeks now, so making a visual wish list was actually so much fun! Especially since we are in the middle of de-cluttering and re-arranging the house, I have been thinking alot about new pieces I would love to add. It's funny how when you grow up your wish list suddenly goes from a new jacket and dress (don't get me wrong, I still like those), to a new carpet or cushion. I am obsessed with home wares at the moment and follow alot of accounts on instagram that are constantly putting up beautifully styled rooms. I cannot wait to be able to do that to my own place one day (12 months to be exact). But for now, I can dream!
Also, Benn was quick to point out that "none of the stuff matches properly". But I believe it follows a general theme and it won't all be in the one room anyways (cause I''m totatlly buying it all....)

(Click on the letters below to be taken to the site where you can buy these wonderful items!)
A -  Since moving around our lounge room I really want to get an "L couch" we finally have the room for it!

B -  I currently follow these guys on instagram and I am OBSESSED with their lights, I also would love a cloud and heart shaped one. But for now the letter "O" will do

C - Adairs have the most beautiful quilt cover range at the moment. It was actually pretty had to choose just when (even when I am dreaming). But I love how this one is reversible to a completely different colour and pattern!

D - I recently noticed this vase at my friends house, then came across it by accident online, I am in love and it had to go on the list! I love big statement pieces.

E - These cross blankets are everywhere currently, in a variety of colours. However I would love a black and white one so it can look great in every room!

F - We really need a new rug for the lounge room (and the bedroom too), and I love this bold one from Kmart. Kmart is really stepping up these days and I love it!

G - H - I - I would love a few new cushions to brighten up our place. I love the idea of a common theme (pastels) and different patterns. These three would be perfect!

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