Saturday, 22 November 2014

Creative Cooking | Raw Carrot Cake

As I am trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, yet I still cannot get rid of this sweet tooth thing I have going on, I was on the hunt for an easy yet delicious recipe! A friend of mine shared a Carrot Cake reciepe on facebook from a wonderful site called "Whole Food Simply". The recipes on there are amazing and most a pretty simple! I have totally bookmarked this website and plan to make many more of her wonderful food ideas very soon.

But first, I decided on the carrot cake. Literally all I needed was walnuts and carrots as I had everything else in my cubboard, so for me, it was an obvious one to try.

Bianca's gorgeous photo of her cake.  

IT WAS SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. Lovely and sweet, yet much more filling and satisfying! I will not write out the recipe here, because for once I actually stuck to what was written and didn't actually get to creative (okay actually I added like 5 more dates and one less carrot, but still...).

My iPhone quality photo of my cake
Click on THIS LINK to go and find the ingredients and method so you can whip up this fantastic cake! It took me less then an hour from beginning to eating, so I highly reccomend!!

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