Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Guest Post: Finding Joy

Today I am guest posting over on Offically Stoked about Finding Joy. Rachel is one of my all time favourite bloggers and I am so privledged to be able to write something for her! She is a beautiful, strong lady with a daughter who will melt your heart. If your not already obsessed with her blog, you should be!!


Throughout our lives there are many different experiences to be had; some happy, some exhausting, some sad, some exciting, some amazing, some heartbreaking, some hard, some easy and the list goes on. Each one of us not only has different challenges and obstacles to overcome, but we also experience these things differently. What makes you happy might make another anxious. What might make you scared may make another excited. Obviously we all want to be happy right? So I find a great way to do that is to Find Joy in all our experiences and our journey through life. Below I have explained a few simple ways that I try to do that....

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