Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Seven

  1.  Prac has been amazing thing week!! I am so in love with every part of it. I am learning and experiencing so much it's wonderful.
  2. I am taking charge of the class this week too! I have already written up lessons for every session of each day and I even get to work out a different kind of positive behaviour thing! I'm excited!!
  3. The only thing I'm not loving, is the fact that it has been so hard to go for walks each day! There is zero time in the afternoon. And I only made it out two mornings, all the rest I was just way to exhausted. Hopefully this week my body is a bit more used to it and I will be able to get back out there :)
  4. Mind you, I have been in bed by 8:30pm every day. Being a teacher just really takes it's toll!!
  5. Benn finished his last uni exam yesterday. Which means he officially has completed his first year of uni! I am SO SOO proud of him!!! Such a great blessing. He has done so well!
  6. I have one month till I'm on holidays!
  7. Last night I made "Brownie Toblerone Cheesecake". So yummy. Yet so naughty. No sugar diet starts again tomorrow (cause I am eating the leftovers today! haha)
How was your week?? 


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