Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Mr and Mrs Osborn!

Alex and Vanessa get married

On Saturday the first of November, we attended Benn's older brother, Alex's wedding. He (finally) wed his beautiful girl of 9 years, Vanessa. It was such a beautiful day, along with some rain, thunder, lighting and a touch of hail. But don't worry, the sun still shinned (sometimes) and it was nice and hot. But none of that bothered the gorgeous couple as all that mattered to them was GETTING MARRIED!!

The ceremony was cut a little bit short as the rain started to come down heavy just before the "I do's". We all rushed undercover after the new husband and wife had their "first" kiss. Vanessa looked flawless in her dress, such a perfect bride. And Alex looked very handsome with his massive smile waiting for his beautiful bride to come down the aisle. 


We all went off to the Surf Club for "cocktail hour" before they arrived and we were lucky enough to be able to watch them run out to the beach for more photos. And then unfortunately they were un-lucky enough to have the heavens open and the rain pelt down right at that moment!
But don't worry, the weather made up for it by giving them an amazing grey sky display and a double rainbow!! 

How perfect is this!!??
The speeches were so great, we all found out that Alex worked at Supre (and we'll never forget it now). All the bridesmaids were in tears throughout the speeches. Including my good friend from uni, Jaclyn (in the middle). It was so lovely, yet a little funny too! haha

Benn's Brothers, Jay (the best man) and Alex (the groom!!).
Vanessa, her sister and Maid of Honour and Jaclyn.

Of course after dinner and all the formalities were over we danced the night away!
For our wedding gift, I asked my good friend Bec from Chasing Cottons to make them an anniversary cushion - 01 11 14 - Bec does amazing work so please go and check her out if you would like one! (Trust me you want one).


All in all a wonderful day for the Osborn family! Another sister for me and another daughter for Benn's parents. Such a magical day for a couple totally meant to be. I am so blessed to be married into such an amazing family. I love them all so dearly. 

Osborn Parents and Vanessa's Mother :)

Congratulations to the newest Mr and Mrs Osborn!!

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