Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Seven

  1. Half way through prac. I am SO tired. Loving it, but waiting for that finish line now..
  2. I didn't get a chance to bake any healthy treats OR walk this week, so my eating and fitness has gone way off the rails. Hoping that I will be able to fix it this week. But if not, I only have 10 days left of craziness...
  3. We are starting to have our hot Australian days, you know Summers coming when it's 40 degrees for almost three days straight
  4. I hate being this tired, cause I am so emotional and I cry about the silliest things. Not to mention I am quite moody... 
  5. I had my first Tupperware party yesterday. The turn out wasn't thaaaat great. But I love it so much I am seriously thinking of becoming a consultant in my 2 month holiday before uni goes back...
  6. Benn cleaned the WHOLE house top to bottom on Friday in the 40 degree heat because I had my Tupperware Party the next day, and due to prac 8-4 everyday, I wouldn't get the chance to clean it. It was seriously sparkling and I love him for that.
  7. Did I mention I am tired? I have about an hour of work to do for prac tomorrow, then I am having a nap!!!

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