Monday, 15 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas | DAY 3: Simple kids craft

When I was on prac recently, the children were begging to start some Christmas craft - so how could I say no! Instead of just doing the "normal" decorate a tree type things, I wanted to get a bit more creative. But it also had to be simple enough for Kindergarten kids to complete by themselves! 

Unfortunately due to other lessons and time constraints I only got time to do four with the kids, but I have linked you guys to a few more which I would LOVE to try one day as I think they are super cute!


Hand Tree

First up the kids and I made THIS "hand" Christmas tree. Which they LOVED. Except we put glitter all over our hands cause who doesn't love glitter right!? I think it turned out so well and they loved having a Christmas tree that they made! 

Rudolph Hands

I saw my friend make this and post it on Instagram and I fell in love instantly, I knew they kids would too! Basically you do one hand print, then turn your paper upside down to do another, making sure you join them together. Then place an eye and a red nose on the thumb - it's that simple! They loved it and I think they look great all up together.

Stamp Trees

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the next one, "Toilet roll trees" (its not what you think). Basically the kids dip a toilet roll into green paint and stamp out a shape of a tree. Then using our fingers we finger painted coloured decorations! Check out THIS one on pinterest to have a visual idea.



A cute simple wreath for the kids. I just found a simple pattern of leaves online to print off and got the kids to paint them a variety of green colours (2 sheets per child), THIS one is similar to the one I used.. Then I cut out the inside of a paper plate, leaving the outer edges the shape of a Wreath. The children painted it brown and glued down their leaves. Add a cute ribbon and some red beads and your done! They look beautiful I reckon!


Now these are the crafts I wish I had time for!!

Stuck in  Snowball, find it HERE. It even has a writing idea to go with it!

Make yourself an Elf! There is a free printable to print off and cut out, paint and add a picture of your face! So cute and I know any child would love it!


**Spiritual Thought**
 Here are some other craft ideas to foster the true meaning of Christmas with your children too;

Have you done any Christmas craft yet these holidays? 

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