Thursday, 18 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas | DAY 6: Joy To The World

I wanted to make a simple banner to hang in the house with a small message to help us remember the meaning of Christmas. I am pretty devastated that my sewing machine is still not working and we have no money for another, as I would have LOVED to make it with that!

So instead, I took to pinterest to find a cute printable to use. I found THIS one and fell in love. I love music, so the fact that it is printed on sheet music one me over instantly. I also find that "Joy to the World" is such a simple message that anyone can relate to, I mean - who doesn't want joy in the world and in their life!?

All I did was print out the letters then glue to black cardboard! (Once again, I wish I had wooden pegs, but it will have to do)

Whats your favourite Christmas phrase?

**Spiritual Thought**

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