Thursday, 4 December 2014

Three Things: In My Bag

Three Things I always have in my bag

….Apart from the obvious (wallet, phone)


1. Lip Balm.

I HATE having dry lips. So I always have a selection of lip balm or moisturising lip sicks in my bag for those times. I also love having colour on my lips, so it’s such an easy way to do both!! Paw Paw ointment is my favourite!

2. My headphones


I don’t often go anywhere without my head phones. I love listening to music or General Conference talks whenever I get the chance. I seem to work better when music is playing also, so often while in the library at uni I will have them in my ears to drown out all those people who don’t understand that the library is for quiet work…

3. Pens and paper

I am one of those crazy people with a selection of pens in my bag. Right I am pretty sure I have 2 black, 2 blue and a red. I also either have scrap paper or a small notebook in there as well. You never know when you might need it and trust me it has come in handy so many times!!

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