Friday, 19 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas | DAY 7: Gingerbread House

I have been wanting to do a Gingerbread house for YEARS! This is one Christmas thing I never experienced as a kid and I feel so ripped off! Haha. So I obviously need to make up for it now right?

I am sorry to say though, I bought a "kit" rather then making it myself. Half because I wanted to try it first using a store bought one so I know how it's meant to go and half because of laziness. Next year I will be making our own for sure! As I was a little bit disappointed how tiny this was! Plus I like the idea of making different shaped kinda houses, and chimneys etc. So next year will be better for sure. We will make one each next year too, but our fridge doesn't have room for two at the moment!

I sound like I am hating on this kit. But I am totally not, it was super easy, had everything we needed (except I bought extra lollies for decorating) and was totally yummy (yes we have already started eating it!). AND it was on $10, bargain. Thank you Kmart! I have a feeling Benn really enjoyed himself too, he liked designing the roof and putting it all together. I have a feeling next years will be super creative (check these ones out!) and I can't wait to do it again!

** Spiritual Thought **
Check out this wonderful Flash Mob singing in a shopping centre. They sing a variety of Christmas carols and even some shoppers join in! Then Mary and Joseph arrive at the end. It's truly beatiful and you can really hear and see the Christmas spirit!
(I couldn't find it on youtube so it's a link to facebook)

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