Saturday, 13 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas | DAY 1: Adult Advent Calender

I LOVE the idea of an advent calender, with fun activities to complete each day. And to be honest, I have been meaning to it for years now. So I finally got around to it this year!

The first challenge was to find some ideas that were for adults! Didn't think Benn would be too keen on kid craft (although we do have some craft thrown in) and writing a wish list to santa. So I had to get a little bit creative. I have to give some credit to THIS blog for giving me some great ideas suitable for adults (along with scriptures), but in the end I made a few up! However, the added bonus of ours was that the activities didn't start until day 6, due to me being on prac and Benn working every night - it was just impossible to fit them in before then! I also wanted to ensure we were focusing on the Saviour this Christmas, so I added a scripture along with each activity.

I have posted a photo version of my activities and numbers, but if you would like me to send you through the document I would be more then happy! (Send me an email at

Basically I just printed off my activities and my numbers (using sketch serif font), then cut them out and pasted them on either side of a black piece of cardboard! Simple as that! I then used some black and white twine, wrapped it around a picture frame and pegged each day up! It literally cost me about $5, including the massive bag of pegs! I REALLY wanted wooden pegs but I couldn't find them anywhere, so I had to settle for redish/pink and greenish/blue. I will be thinking ahead about that next year and possibly ordering some cute ones online!



Do you have an advent calender?
Did you make yours? I'd love to see!

*** Spiritual Thought *** 
Check out this amazing song, "Mary did you know?". I have never even heard this song before
and this version is simple beautiful!


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