Sunday, 21 December 2014

Alice in Wonderland


Our beautiful gorgeous, spotty girl.

You have probably seen photos posted every now and then and maybe I have written about her once or twice. We got her in Victoria in Feb 2011, when she was 8 months old, as a friend for Chloe while we were working 16 hour days. She was the most lovable dog, funny and so smart yet so ditsy. We used to call her "Alice in Wonderland" for that exact reason, she was always off with the fairies. She came from a home with 6 other dogs and was not well looked after, so we were ready to give her LOTS of love, and lots of love she got! 

Unfortunately she passed away almost 2 years later, on December 21st 2012. It really left us heart broken, 4 days before Christmas and 3 weeks before our wedding. It was so hard, we love our dogs like children and it really felt like we had just lost one. It still gets me a little teary to this day.

I have been wanting to write about Alice for some time now, but haven't been able to. So I thought 2 years on was time, she was a big part of our lives and will forever be remembered. We have photos of her all over the house, so it's about time I had some on the blog!

Some cute stories about Alice;
  • She gave great hugs. She would put her two front paws/arms on your shoulders and nuzzle her head into your neck
  • She loved squeezing up next to you on the couch and would do the same thing for a cuddle
  • Our bed was her favourite place to sleep, Benn's side to be exact.
  • One time I was heating chocolate hot cross buns under the grill and as I was walking up the hall I saw her run out of the kitchen. There were now now hot cross buns under the grill and Alice was licking her mouth all over. I'm pretty sure she burnt her tongue! So she ended up with some cold milk as well. It was a little funny and cute.
  • She would eat ANYTHING. She would vacuum the house with her mouth, no crumbs could hide from Alice. She once even ate a chili and started whimpering. Once again, cold milk was needed
  • She LOVED milk. More then water. 
  • We used to call her "Alice Malice" - no idea why
  • She would eat anything put in front of her. 2, 3, 4 dinners if you gave it to her. One time she vomited and then ate that too. Seriously Alice!?
  •  She was terrified of swimming and didn't know how at first (she came from the middle of the country). But once she figure it out nothing could stop her in that water
  • She loved ball games
  • She was a serial hole digger
  • She yawned so loud. It was like she was yelling, it's impossible to describe in words and I wish we had it on camera
  • She "danced". You could put your arms up in the air and start dancing/jumping around and she would join in by doing the same on her back two legs. Another thing I wish we had on camera.
  • She LOVED riding in the back of our ute. She walk run to either side (she was hooked on by a chain) and constantly howled. Non stop. Then if someone was driving behind or next to she would do a weird cross between a howl and a bark.

Chloe and Alice were the best of friends. Always sleeping together and spooning like this haha.

I love this photo of her and Chloe in their pj's. Alice LOVED her pj's. We lived in Victoria and it was super cold, whenever we got it out for her she would jump around all over the place then run over and sit at our feet. Once wearing it she would roll around everywhere with the biggest smile on her face! So cute.

 She loved the Chloe and the puppies. She even got milk when the puppies were born!! Yes you heard that right!

Here is a video I found of her stealing a container so she can lick all the flavour out!

When she was in trouble she knew it. She wouldn't look you in the eye and turn away from you it was so cute it was hard not to laugh!

 She LOVED the lake and would swim the whole time when we were down there. The first time she saw the water was hilarious. She lifted her paws right up them smacked them back down, whilst trying to catch the splashing water in her mouth. She was one of a kind.

She loved sitting up and lying down  like a real person, mostly laying on her back on the couches or our bed.

Forever in our hearts. 
Forever in our minds.

Forever in our family.



Hope your enjoying wonderland you beautiful spotty girl. 
 We love you.

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