Wednesday, 15 October 2014


A picture from the weekend, 4WDing to a secret beach location
Reading: Written on our Hearts by Emily Freeman. I'm going to write a post about this soon, because - wow.

Watching: Big Bang Season Seven

Trying: To get a whole bunch of blog posts written and scheduled ready for next month when I will be on university prac everyday for 4 weeks!

Eating: Cookie batter from the cookies that I am making for Benn - whoops!!

Pinning: Healthy Treats - I need to kick this sweet tooth craving out!!

Loving: That I have dance class tonight, need to work off these naughty cookies!

Discovering: My confidence.

Enjoying:  Today's day off uni, I got so much done!

Thinking: About all the blog posts I need to write!

Feeling: A little sickly and guilty (cookie dough)

Hoping: That I will make the right decision about something that is troubling me.

Listening: Birds chatting away ouside my window.

Thanking: God for giving me the strength and courage I need.

Starting: To trust in the Lord more then I used to.

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