Friday, 10 October 2014

Who are The Aussie Osborns?

I have had an influx of readers lately so I thought it was about time I updated my "About" section on the blog, which can be found when clicking on "Osborn Overview". However, I thought I would post it here too so you can all find out a bit more about us :)


The Aussie Osborns consists of myself, my husband Benn, our three babies (also known as dogs) Chloe, Stallone and Petal, our cat Ember and Storm, he bird. It is lifestyle blog, in which I (Neive) discuss a range of topics all about life!! Topics that interest me, that I love, experience or hope for. You may or may not hear from the man behind the blog, but don't worry I am working on it! (However, it is unlikely you will hear from the babies...sorry)

Photo taken in 2012 when our beautiful Alice (Dalmatian) was still with us.
I have always been fond of recording memories, whether it be through photos or a journal and now with technology advancing blogging just seemed like the next step to take! I want to look back on our lives in 10, 20 even 30 years and see how far we have come, how far we have grown and be reminded of what life "used to be like". Journals and photos can get lost along the way, but you know what they say, once it's on the Internet "it never goes away". So I'm relying on that!

 A little bit about us all:

I am a wife, daughter, sister, auntie (in law) and Mother (to some fur balls). I am a happy, loud and positive person. I am a member of The Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love my family; my little one with Benn, my extended one and my in-laws. I am studying a Bachelor of Teaching in both Primary and Early Childhood and have less then 12 months to go! I wish I had more time for craft, sewing and playing guitar, I need to add that in more often! I love reading biographies and books that follow along those lines (Jodi Picoult anyone?), which then turned into stalking blogs online and I thought - I really need to do this!! So here I am :) I enjoy my husband, my babies, my faith, my friends, music, singing, playing the guitar, reading, writing, blogging, cooking, baking, sewing, organising, university, teaching, chocolate (that really should be closer to the top..), the colour yellow, animals, decorating, camping (most of the time) and sleeping in!

Benn is a man of few words and thinks the blogging world is a little crazy (we are all a little crazy though right?). I am slowly convincing him to possibly grace us witha  few words, so stay tuned to that. He too is currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching in Primary and Early Childhood and has three years to go. He has worked in various jobs in the past 6 years which has earned him many skills along the way. He loves to work with his hands and is often found fixing the neighbours cars, boats, bikes and houses! Always helping people out at the drop of a hat this man. Benn enjoys his wife, his babies, cars, motor-bikes, four-wheeled driving, music, guitar, car mechanics, boats, building things, university, teaching, getting dirty (this is why we can't have white sheets - seriously), camping the colour green and chilli on everything!

She is the Mother of Stallone and Petal and is five years old. We got her when she was 3 months old off a friend and she has been such a light in our lives. She is the smartest and cheekiest dog I have ever met, stubborn and very independent. She is a daddy's girl 100% and doesn't like it when he goes away (he now takes her for "boys weekends" when they happen). Chloe can shake, "play dead" if you pretend to shoot her and talk on request.


Our little man, who will be 3 years old in February. He is very loveable and often likes to tell us off for leaving the house (he whines on our return each day). He always wants a pat and due to his strength often gets what he wants (if he wants to sit on your lap he will). His hates being left alone and will always be laying or sitting next to one the others if he isn't with us. Stallone loves basketballs, chewing bottle lids off he bottle, can "talk" if you ask him and loves chasing the cat, Ember.

She will also be 3 years old in February and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. We technically were only going to keep one puppy from Chloe's litter (a boy), however, we fell in love with her after about 2 weeks and could not bare to see her leave. She is so gentle and loving, her favourite thing is to put her arms "around" your neck for a hug (this is an actual thing). Petal loves to eat, loves climbing ladders, always wanting to play fetch with a ball and climbs ladders any chance she gets. Life would be incomplete without Petal.

We got Ember when she was about 5 weeks old and due to having three dogs in the house, she thinks she is one of them. She chases them around, sleeps with them, steals their food and plays with their tails. She also drank milk off Petal when she was a little Kitten... yep you read that right!

We found this little guy on our driveway last year after the fires. He was only about 2 weeks old, so we took him to the vet to see what we could do. We were told he was completely healthy (yay), but we couldn't "send him back" into the wild as he couldn't fly, so it was either the RSPCA or us. We are so glad we chose to keep him. He is the funniest guy ever; he meows, always chats to us, calls his other bird friends to hang out, loves weetbix, loves baths and gets a little silly after an orange.

So there you have it - My lovable, loud, furry, crazy family. 

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