Monday, 13 October 2014

Our Bedroom

As promised from my Spring Clean post, here is a little sneak peak into our bedroom. We often leave this room last on our list to make pretty and ensure it is cleaned to perfection, mostly because no-one really ever goes in there except ourselves. But I have really loved making a bit more effort in there the past few weeks, and the recent added touches of a new quit cover, pillow and canvas's really gives it that extra something.

DIY Chevron Canvas's I made. With a picture of my little family blown up in the middle. It used to be a blank wall above our bed, but this is so much better I love it.

New bedspread from Kmart. And I didn't even realise until I opened it but it is reversible!! So cool. We basically got to bedspread for the price of one!?


My "side". Book and magazine as I read before bed every night, a photo form our wedding, one my favourite scriptures (Ether 12:27) (the other is my wallpaper on my phone, 2Nephi 31:20) and a canvas with a love letter Benn made for me when we had been dating for 6 months (awww). The pin board is something I made to hold all my necklaces, however, I then decided to put it next to my bed with photos and quotes that help inspire me.


Benn's "side". Full of manly trinkets and things that he holds dear. Some of these things he has had since he was a little kid and when he used to live on his own.


The dresser is basically covered with all my stuff (sorry Benn). Perfumes, moisturiser, jewelry box, nail polish and quotes again. I love my quotes! haha.

I won't show you the other side cause our wardrobes are just big and boring, but there is a little portion of our room and I love it :)

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