Thursday, 30 October 2014

First Swim of the Season!

On Saturday we spent some time at a channel leading out the ocean about 15 minutes from our house, with a few friends and our babies (aka – dogs). It was such a hot sunny day, giving us a taste of what’s to come in summer. The babies are really in their element when we are near any body of water. They whined the whole way there just waiting to get out of the car! 

Once arriving they bolted up the path far from the eyes view. Of course Benn had to chase after them whilst I grabbed all our stuff (trust me, I had the easier job). 
Once they saw the water there was no stopping them!

After a short 10 minute walk from the car we were right on the point just past some bush land, nice and secluded so we didn’t have to worry about the dogs annoying people as they passed by. The current was quite strong and it was funny watching the jump in, float/swim away then get out and run back, only to do it all over again. I have a video but it won't let me upload it!

Where we went had a short swim/walk (it was pretty shallow) in the water across the current to a great sand bar. Benn was the first to test it out (with two furry followers of course) and when he came back to get Chloe, I thought I myself better muster up some courage to get into the water to (the water was FREEZZING). After while of taking one step at a time to lower my body into the water (and a lot of “IT’S SOOOO COLD”), Benn splashed water all over me and that was it, I had to get in now! After another minute of shrieking, I actually started to warm up (who would have thought) and we floated/walked out the sand bar. 

Coming back to shore was the hard part. When you’re floating slowly down stream you generally think the current isn’t too bad. But when you have to walk back up against it? Now that was hard. I really should have a set of abs after that seriously. 

(selfies because I swam and it had to be documented right?)

Such a lovely day and I can’t believe I actually got into the water (It’s only October people!!!). I really hate cold water (if you didn’t already figure that out), so I am pretty happy I went in. Although it’s now making me think of what Summer is going to be like, if I got in the water due to the heat in October, What will it be like in Dec/Jan/Feb!?
A lot more swims are coming I can feel it.

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