Thursday, 2 October 2014

Spring Clean Out and Fresh New Look

Today we finally finished our big spring clean-throw out everything-rearrangement. And let me tell you, it is amazing to finally have it done! It’s been a long time coming and we have sorted through every single room except the bedroom (we did that a few months ago).
You should see the pile of junk out the front, maybe I should take a photo of it (okay fine, it’s down the bottom). 1 week from today the junk will be gone! I will walk you through the house room by room, except the bathroom (cause who wants to see that?), the kitchen (you will see a snippet, but really it’s boring trust me) and our bedroom (cause I am waiting to purchase a new quilt cover, so look out for that post soon). 
I have added a "before" shot for most rooms, which was taken about 4 days before we changed everything around.  Funnily enough, I just went through my blog and it turns out one year ago I posted a photos set of our house! You can see we didn't change it much over the past year, until now!

The Lounge /Dining


I'm actually a little embarrassed to put these up now that we have changed everything around. Why didn't we do it sooner? I have no idea. And please excuse the couch that has no cushions, the dogs chewed them up one day (naughty, naughty). We threw out the couch so they have no option of sitting anywhere but the floor!



We picked up our new TV cabinet/bookshelf yesterday (for a $40 bargain might I add) and I am so happy with it! Perfect size and fits in well with all our other stuff. The photos circle around the room in an anti-clockwise motion. In the first photo the front door to the house is on the left. We don’t have a back door (house is on stilts) so it’s a one-way-in and one-way-out kinda place. It's not really set up to entertain (only two arm chairs), however once the dogs are 100% trained (and we have some $$$ saved) we plan to buy an "L couch" to put in that corner :) The glass cabinet at the end is actually in out kitchen, it's from my Grandmother, who got it from her parents, who go it from theirs, who got it off a priest from England back in the 1940s! I love it!


Hall way

I don’t have any recent before photos of the hallway, however it has stayed very much the same, only a few photos have been changed around and altered. I really love all of the pieces; it’s mostly DIY type stuff. My Mother made the weaving when I was about 9, we received the feather painting off a friend for our wedding, the yellow calender frame I made and the guitars Benn made. The two frames in between have a quote I love and a picture of our babies back when we had Alice and the puppies were only 6 months old!

Spare Room

Trust me, you’re lucky I didn’t take any “before” photos of this room. We literally used to call it the “junk room”, because that’s pretty much what it was. Plus Benn’s wardrobe, he used to put all his freshly washed clothes all over the bed and pick from that each day. I know laundry is a bore, but I couldn’t stand it! Mine had to be put away! Anyways.. It’s so much nice now. For starters, you can actually walk in there.. It’s kinda half Benn’s “activity rom” too, where all his fishing, hiking, motorbike riding and musical things are. At least they are neatly in a corner right? Above his fishing gear is a painting of my Mothers from when they lived in Tasmania. Two other very special pictures are also in this room, My mother made the one at the end of the bed when I was just a little baby. I’ve had it my whole life and treasure it dearly. The other one she made when she was in her 20s and it used to be at my Ma’s house. 


The Study


Basically another junk room (we had a lot of junk okay!), which was so bad that we were forced to do all university work on the kitchen table!!  That has now been drasitacally altered, so much so that we have a desk each in here now!


You may have already seen this room on my other post, so I will just show a few photos. It’s great to have so much space again. I love laying out my to-do lists, my uni folder, my assignments and anything else that I might need (like food) all in front of me before I do any work. So this now perfect to accomplish it! We totally need some new curtains though, as these don’t quite reach the window and then the sun comes in in the afternoon and makes the room like a little heat box!!


So there you have it, our home. All nice and clean. I can't wait until we fix a few things in the bedroom and then I will be showing you that!

 .............And here is the massive pile of junk. 
Have you got any photos of your home on your blog? Please let me know, I'd love to see!!

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