Tuesday, 7 October 2014

DIY Chevron Canvas

I have been wanting to do this little project for awhile now and when we were de-cluttering the house the other day, I found two canvas's - so what better time then now!
I thought I would make a post about how I went about this because I had trouble finding one on Pinterest or other sites. It was also alot more fiddly then I thought it would be!

1) I measured across the top of my canvas 4 1/2 cms and placed a dot. Then down the side I  measured 4 cms. I then played "dot to dot" using a ruler to create a chevron pattern.

2) Next I used masking tape, and taped along the line of every 2nd row, as I wanted the painted sections to be nice and thick (this took the longest time). I then rubbed away the led pencil lines. I put on about 3-4 coats of paint as it was a thin paint and I wanted a bright, vibrant colour.

3) I left the paint to set for about 10-15 minutes (so it was still wet) and then began removing the masking tape. Make sure you don't let your paint dry 100% or you may find the masking tape cracks your paint as it comes off. Any small errors where the paint went over the lines I fixed up with white out. Leave to dry over night.

4) I wanted my letters to be nice and thick so I used the font style Archistico and made sure each letter covered a full A4 page. I cut out the letters and traced over them on the canvas.

5) Next I painted about 3 coats of black paint in the lines of the letters, so it was bold.

6) I also added a black line around the side of the canvas, to give it that finishing touch!

I really like how they have turned out and they make our room a little more brighter :)

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